Depression in younger children

We are born as emotional and social beings. During childhood, we go through stages of emotional, social, cognitive, physical development. During development and learning how to deal with feelings, we also get to know „negative“ emotions. Sadness, grumpiness, negative thoughts are part of life and growing up. In addition to this common emotions, which are […]

What to do and how to behave in time of grieving?


When you are in the process of grieving, there are things you can do for yourself that can help you get through that period more easily. In this article, I suggest 5 activities for you to try. Some of them may seem meaningful to you, depending on how you feel, and some are less meaningful. […]

Panic attacks – symptoms, triggers and how to deal with it

Panic attacks – symptoms, triggers and how to deal with it What exactly is a Panic Attack? Panic attacks are periods of overwhelming fear or anxiety. They are brief but can be terrifying and include several physical symptoms. These symptoms are not dangerous but can make people feel like they have a heart attack, can’t […]

Grieving with God

Grieving with God

What is grieving? Grieving is a process during which we feel more intensely the emotion of sadness due to a loss. It is a period of intense emotional pain and suffering. In that process, we are in a state of suffering that we cannot avoid and that we are inevitably faced with. Grief is an […]