How to deal with homesickness

Longing is precisely the feeling that any Ukrainian who has left their native city or country is now experiencing. It is a feeling that slowly kills every person from the inside. As if part of you was left there in a past life. You walk the streets, feeling like a guest in a strange world, […]

Postponed life syndrome or why Ukrainians put life on pause.

“Now is not the time,” “you need to wait,” “it is necessary to endure,” “the war will end,” and “after the victory we are with you.” These and many other lines are like drops of water that are very similar. They are statements that are constantly said on the lips of many Ukrainians.  Since February […]

How to cope with the mental exhaustion during the war

Most Ukrainians are now experiencing devastation, anxiety and mad panic. The psyche is no longer working on adrenaline, as it did in the first weeks of the war, but is trying to adjust to the new reality, saving its energy and slowly draining the entire body.